The New Dental Duo | Dr. Pam + Dr. Arpen

GET TO KNOW DR. ARPEN Although Dr. Arpen was born and raised in Calgary and has been practicing out West since completing her dental schooling, she is no stranger to London! Dr. Arpen earned her Doctor of Dental Surgery from the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at Western University, which is where Dr. Pam […]

Diffuse Dental Anxiety – Kari Schneider

Like it or not, most of us need to see the dentist on occasion. Many of us tend to leave it too long and what was just a pesky appointment to procrastinate over becomes a real and sometimes painful) event. I have been lucky on two fronts; I have had amazing dentists who are kind, […]

Shark Teeth – And What to Do?

A friend of mine texted yesterday really concerned that her son’s lower baby tooth is loose but not falling out and now she sees the adult tooth coming in behind.  She phoned her dentist and they couldn’t see her son for two weeks. PERMANENT TEETH COMING IN BEHIND BABY TEETH IS NOT AN EMERGENCY, BUT […]